It’s not just typing… it’s an art form!

It's not just typing... it's an art form! Starting out in the field of transcription all those years ago - when dinosaurs roamed the earth - I once mistakenly uttered the words... ‘It’s only typing!’ How wrong could I be? Absolutely not so!  These past few months, as our clients have moved over to a [...]

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5 Ways Transcription Services Could Save You £1000s

5 Ways Transcription Services Could Save You £1000s As bloggers across the internet brace themselves for a low spend (or no spend!) January, we look at how engaging the services of a good transcription company can actually be a very frugal choice in the long run. Time is money. You can reduce your workload and [...]

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Festive Opening Times 2018

Our Christmas office opening hours are: Friday 21 December:                       9.00 to 17.00 hrs Monday 24 December:                   9.00 to 12.00 hrs Tuesday 25 December:                   Closed Wednesday 26 December:      [...]

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What goes into transcribing a recording?

What goes into transcribing a recording? We know that the documents that we produce are often required urgently for use in court proceedings, business meetings and to meet research deadlines. We wish that we could wave a magic wand and produce perfect transcripts instantaneously but unfortunately that’s not within our power at the moment! Apple [...]

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