More than just typing: a day in the life of a transcription manager?

Hayley Nixon is a transcription manager at Apple Transcription and has been with the business for ten years.

A multi-skilled member of the team, she plays an integral part in the smooth-running of the company.

Hayley takes us behind the scenes and shares a typical day in the life of a transcription manager…



Each day starts with a team catch up meeting; usually we’re discussing our priorities and whether any work re-allocation is needed.

After touching base with my colleagues, I’m straight onto client enquiries and answering quote requests. We pride ourselves in offering a fast service, which is reflected in our handling of prospective transcription jobs, too.

I usually carve out time for the rest of the morning to proof copy for legal conferences, medical reports, and police interviews – no matter how niche a subject is, accuracy and efficiency always underpin our work.

Reacting to what comes in on the day is a big part of my job, so if time-sensitive phone call recordings are submitted for immediate attention, this can lead to the re-organisation of lists.

Being a transcription manager brings plenty of variation, too, as I’m regularly jumping between industries and topics, so every day I’m proofing totally different content.



Work-life balance is important at Apple Transcription, so during this time I’m grabbing a bite to eat and enjoying a relaxing walk in the woods with my dog.

It’s the perfect opportunity to reset and feel refreshed for the rest of the day.

Working from home also means I can get some life admin done or finish any jobs around the house before I log back on.



I’m proofing copy to ensure each document is of evidential quality, which is where the importance of a human editor comes in.

The rest of my afternoon might be sending feedback to transcribers, which I log for International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) purposes, as our processes are recorded on a weekly basis, to ensure we retain our accreditations for 9001 Quality and 27001 Data Security.

Towards the end of the day, I’m usually meeting deadlines, jumping on urgent enquiries, or making a start on my list for the next day.

Another key part of my role is to match transcribers with their areas of expertise, which reinforces our ability to deliver accurate transcriptions.

As well as managing clients and proofreading, I also have the skills to work on content for multiple sectors.

Sometimes I’ll be transcribing police bodycam footage, which is always fascinating, but is also the more challenging side of our industry due to environmental factors and the potential presence of multiple speakers.

It’s safe to say no day is the same and I think our line of work is so interesting as it can directly help people, especially in the legal and medical world.

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