Accuracy Matters when talking Transcription

Transcription has been around for decades, from the very early days of Dictaphones, analogue tapes and manual typewriters to the present day where sophisticated digital recording equipment, word processing packages and transcription software are the norm.

Reel-to-reel and magnetic tape have now been consigned to the history books along with the golf ball typewriter, handy bottle of Tippex and endless carbon copies.

While there’s no doubt that modern methods have increased the speed at which a transcript can be obtained, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed and that’s the need for accuracy.

Accuracy in transcription is critical

There are some transcription companies for whom accurate means ‘accurate enough’.

We’ve all heard the ‘mistype’ horror stories – the medical notes where ‘below the knee operation’ is typed as ‘baloney operation’ and the legal conference where ‘on the literature’ morphed into ‘on the electric chair’.

For us, ‘accurate enough’ will never be good enough!

Many of our transcripts are of PACE or ABE interviews used in high profile court cases where every word matters – people’s futures depend on them! But whether your recording is of a court hearing, an interview, a round table meeting or anything else, every transcript we produce is treated with the same level of care and attention to detail; our commitment to quality underpins everything that we do – and that’s why our clients choose us.

Industry experience is a must

Whatever the subject matter, we have a transcriber who not only has experience of that industry but also the wit and tenacity to research, check and re-listen until the finished transcript is as near to 100% accurate as it is possible to be.