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It’s not just typing… it’s an art form!

It's not just typing... it's an art form! Starting out in the field of transcription all those years ago - when dinosaurs roamed the earth - I once mistakenly uttered the words... ‘It’s only typing!’ How wrong could I be? Absolutely not so!  These past few months, as our clients have moved over to a [...]

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Working together through COVID-19: Capture a Written Record of your Virtual Meeting

Working together through COVID-19: Capture a Written Record of your Virtual Meeting During these challenging times, we’ve noticed a huge increase in professionals participating in conference calling and wanting to capture a written record for reference, evidence and circulation purposes. Many use the various conference call recording companies then upload their recordings and download the [...]

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5 ways the transcription industry contributes to inclusivity

5 ways the transcription industry contributes to inclusivity Transcription is a unique industry that provides vast opportunities for transcriber and client alike. There is, however, a strong tendency to focus on the economic, legal and practical benefits when considering transcription.  Today we reflect on the social inclusion benefits that are often overlooked.   1. Transcribing [...]

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Client case study: Unconventional uses for transcription

Elves and Wizards and Dragons, oh my! A Transcriber’s Adventures in Fantasyland Our work as a transcription service traditionally takes us into doctors’ surgeries, boardrooms and police stations, but we’re always happy to get involved with a new challenge, especially if it involves journeying to far off places on spellbinding adventures! This week I spoke [...]

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5 Ways Transcription Services Could Save You £1000s

5 Ways Transcription Services Could Save You £1000s As bloggers across the internet brace themselves for a low spend (or no spend!) January, we look at how engaging the services of a good transcription company can actually be a very frugal choice in the long run. Time is money. You can reduce your workload and [...]

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Festive Opening Times 2018

Our Christmas office opening hours are: Friday 21 December:                       9.00 to 17.00 hrs Monday 24 December:                   9.00 to 12.00 hrs Tuesday 25 December:                   Closed Wednesday 26 December:      [...]

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A Quick Guide to Court Transcription

A Quick Guide to Court Transcription Apple Transcription has a dedicated team of professional court transcribers. We can provide solutions to suit a wide variety of record keeping requirements. It’s vital that all court transcripts are recorded accurately and our team prides itself on getting it right first time, every time. We’re also used [...]

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What is Transcription?

What is Transcription? Transcription is the art of faithfully converting live conversations, audio recordings and videos into written form. Transcription services provide a full and accurate written record that can be easily referred to as and when needed. Who needs transcription services? Transcription is needed for a wide range of services, across many different sectors. [...]

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What goes into transcribing a recording?

What goes into transcribing a recording? We know that the documents that we produce are often required urgently for use in court proceedings, business meetings and to meet research deadlines. We wish that we could wave a magic wand and produce perfect transcripts instantaneously but unfortunately that’s not within our power at the moment! Apple [...]

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Verbatim vs non-verbatim transcription

Verbatim vs non-verbatim transcription What is verbatim transcription? ‘Verbatim’ simply means “word for word”.  In the transcription industry we use different types or levels of verbatim transcription to balance the need for absolute word-for-word accuracy against the need for a readable, meaningful document. The type of verbatim transcription you require will depend entirely on how [...]

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