It’s not just typing… it’s an art form!

Starting out in the field of transcription all those years ago – when dinosaurs roamed the earth – I once mistakenly uttered the words… ‘It’s only typing!’

How wrong could I be?

Absolutely not so!  These past few months, as our clients have moved over to a virtual way of working, holding remote professional meetings via audio or video conference calls, nothing could have more greatly impressed upon me how wrong I could have been!

There’s a true skill to the art of transcription:

Imagine 10 plus people, all speaking from different locations with varying levels of connection quality, using different types of phones, different accents, often speaking simultaneously, occasionally coughing, sneezing, paper rustling, slurping drinks (yes, even that), children and animals in the background, the delivery man ringing the doorbell… then try and capture their words, sense, nuances and ascribe the words to the relevant speaker, all within 24 hours of a lengthy conference call – that’s definitely not just typing… it’s an art form!

Our handpicked team of transcribers is extremely skilled and experienced, which is one of the many reasons why we value them so highly.

Along with our proofreaders and editors, they have been working hard behind the scenes to provide our clients with fast and accurate transcripts – not only enabling them to capture a written record but often critical evidence… so it has to be perfect and on time, every time.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our team for doing such a super job and our clients for continuing to trust us with their vitally important and highly confidential work.

I often say to myself, if only I had a penny for each occasion I have had to eat those words over the years.  Well, that penny has finally dropped…. Transcription is most definitely not ‘only typing’!

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