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PACE Interview Transcription Services

What we do

Experience where it truly counts

When it comes to police interviews we have been fastidiously and methodically transcribing audio and video interviews for many years.

Legal firms, local authorities and government agencies trust us implicitly to turn around excellent work on schedule, transcribed on a bespoke basis to an incomparable level of quality.

  • PACE transcription

  • ABE transcription

  • Video transcription

  • DVD transcription

  • Audio transcription

  • Police transcription

  • Police Interview transcription

  • Pre-interview disclosure transcription

  • Bodycam Footage transcription

  • 999/111 Emergency Services Calls transcription

  • Covert and Telephone Recordings transcription

Verbatim transcription or semi-verbatim transcription?

Whether you want verbatim transcription or semi-verbatim transcription, we will work with you to establish your exact requirements and ensure that we meet your needs.

Verbatim transcription – every utterance is transcribed, including repetition, slang, stammers, ums and ers etc.

Semi-verbatim transcription is as verbatim transcription but, whilst every utterance of the interviewee is included, the words of the officer conducting the interview are tidied up, to exclude non-verbal sounds, repetition etc, to make the transcript easier to read.

Fast transcription

With a range of transcription turnaround times, transcripts are delivered on time, every time. If you require transcripts very urgently, please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to meet your deadline.

You can easily and quickly upload your recordings to our secure online portal to expedite matters.

Transcription rates

Per recorded minute, any number of speakers

Urgent = 1 working day
Expedited = 2 working days
Standard = 5-10 working days

Rates are per recorded minute and subject to VAT, and timescales are from receipt of recordings. The rates are the same, no matter how many participants and whether audio or video transcription is required. We will talk you through our simple login and recording upload process and before you know it, you’ll receive a notification email and text with a link to download your completed transcript.

With years of experience in this field, Apple Transcription is first choice UK transcription services provider to many legal firms and council departments. These professional organisations receive fast, accurate, court-ready transcripts for use as written evidential material of PACE, police and other recorded interviews.

Please contact us for a quote.

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