Our Main Transcription Services:

  • Police interview transcription

  • PACE & ABE transcription

  • Academic research transcription

  • Professionals meeting transcription

  • Conference call transcription

  • 1:1 interview transcription

  • Medical transcription

  • Expert Witness Transcription

  • Medicolegal transcription

  • Focus group transcription

  • Legal transcription

  • Digital Dictation

Because we appreciate just how busy you are, we’ve made things simple for you. We have one rate of £1.95 per recorded minute for standard turnaround for all transcription worktypes, no matter how many speakers or whether audio or video.

Our Additional Services:

  • Translation services

  • Court Transcription

  • Manuscript Typing

  • Proofreading & Editing

  • CD & DVD Copying

  • Indexing and referencing

  • Recording Services

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