Outsourcing your Transcription

What would you do if your audio-typists were all hit by the winter flu bug… or if they all decided to down tools and jet off to the summer sun simultaneously?

Why not let Apple Transcription resolve the problem for you?  Outsourcing transcription to Apple gives you the flexibility to cope with peaks and troughs in workload without having to suffer the headache of recruiting/releasing staff.

So, what are the main benefits of outsourcing your typing?

·       A cost-effective solution – no staff downtime

·       Access to a highly skilled workforce – with none of the HR issues

·       Allows you to focus on your core business activities

·       Provides the flexibility to upscale and downscale as the business demands

In addition, outsourcing to Apple is:

·       Simple – setup takes minutes and costs you nothing

·       Secure – data security guaranteed at all times

·       Seamless – using your house style and terminology, you won’t notice a difference

What’s more, it won’t cost you the earth with rates for digital dictation from 90p per recorded minute.

Many of our clients who’ve found themselves in this situation now come to us daily for their legal, medical, research and conference transcription.

With our pay-as-you-go, fast, accurate, secure transcription service, there’s everything to gain and nothing to lose… apart from a headache!