5 ways the transcription industry contributes to inclusivity

Transcription is a unique industry that provides vast opportunities for transcriber and client alike. There is, however, a strong tendency to focus on the economic, legal and practical benefits when considering transcription.  Today we reflect on the social inclusion benefits that are often overlooked.


1. Transcribing the written word into text can be helpful for people with a variety of different needs.

Some individuals on the autistic spectrum may struggle when it comes to processing audio information, especially where lots of people are talking at once or there is a lot of background noise.  Our expert transcribers have a wealth of experience in picking relevant information out of challenging audio which can assist people who find this a challenge.  Our transcripts have been used as subtitling for videos which help people who are hearing impaired access vital information such as workplace training videos and news features.



2. Transcripts can create a written record for vulnerable clients/workers to refer back to

Confidential written transcripts of important meetings such as workplace disciplinary proceedings or team around the child meetings offer structure and legal protection for all involved, but are of particular importance to vulnerable individuals.  Having a comprehensive written record can help map out a plan of action for memory-impaired individuals and their support workers and help ease stress in those who suffer from anxiety disorders by ensuring that no comment is overlooked and there can be no future disputes about what was discussed.



3. Transcription agencies can offer ad hoc cover for temporary injuries and illness

Transcription can offer an easy and flexible solution to make reasonable adjustments for an employee who is unable to work or needs temporary assistance due to injury.  This could range from anything from assistance with a phased return to work by outsourcing audio typing on particular days of the week to switching to dictating letters via Dictaphone until a broken wrist has healed!



4. We have helped with market research which has contributed to improving the experience of disabled service users who have disabilities

Apple Transcription Ltd has a long-standing relationship with many policy and research organisations and have transcribed thousands of confidential interviews which have contributed to significant campaigns and development projects that have directly contributed to real-world change towards an inclusive society.



5. Transcription as a career option offers inclusive opportunities for individuals outside the traditional workplace

Despite strict UK disability discrimination laws, many people still find it difficult to overcome workplace barriers due to physical limitations.  Self-employment as a transcriber can offer the opportunity to work from home, which can be life changing for those with mobility issues, as well as flexible working which is invaluable for those with caring responsibilities.