A Quick Guide to Court Transcription

Apple Transcription has a dedicated team of professional court transcribers. We can provide solutions to suit a wide variety of record keeping requirements. It’s vital that all court transcripts are recorded accurately and our team prides itself on getting it right first time, every time.

We’re also used to working at a fast pace, without any loss of quality, turning work around within quick timescales. 

Our most popular court transcription services include:

Witness Evidence

Vital witness evidence can make or break a court hearing. There’s a lot to record and for something as important as a transcript of witness evidence, it’s crucial to accurately detail as much information as possible.

That’s why our true verbatim transcription services are perfect for witness evidence and testimony documentation.

As well as recording exactly what is being said, other considerations such as pauses, fillers (including throat clearing, laughter etc.) and ambient sounds (such as doors opening and closing, for example) are all detailed to give the most accurate account possible.

Our witness evidence transcription services provide an accurate and detailed solution that’s fully compliant with PACE and ABE police interviews.

Legal Argument

During the legal argument phase of a court hearing, findings of fact need to be carefully documented so that they can be referred back to when necessary. Our team is highly experienced in typing up barrister’s submissions and legal argument which can be relied upon.

We are also able, with the court’s permission, to transcribe covert recordings. Whereas on its own a covert recording more than likely wouldn’t be able to be used in court, a transcribed version of the recording could be brought forward as part of a legal argument.


In a criminal case, the judgment will be based on evidence beyond reasonable doubt. In a civil hearing the judgement will be made based on the balance of probability. The transcription needs to be conclusive.

Our expert team are able to type up a transcript of judgement and deal with this sensitive information in the most secure way.

Discussion After Judgment

Usually this will involve appealing a judgment or settling up money or costs. A transcription will help with court records and can be referred back to, if needed.

The Whole Hearing

We are also able to provide a tailored solution, using a variety of different types of transcription, to provide an all-encompassing service for the duration of the hearing. Our dedicated court transcribers can be on hand to process information quickly and work towards tight deadlines.

Transcription for a Hearing in the Family Court

A family court hearing can cover an array of different cases. An important part of our transcription service in the family court is to ensure that our transcripts are anonymous.

Our team are highly trained to ensure nothing within the transcript can lead back to the people involved.

Transcription for a Hearing in the County Court

The transcription services we provide for county court cases are varied. Data and information is treated with the utmost of respect and security. We’re able to transcribe for a whole host of events including tribunals, police interviews and grievance procedures.

Proven Success

Apple Transcription was a member of the Ministry of Justice Tape Transcription Panel from February 2007 to June 2017, authorised to transcribe High Court and County Court proceedings in England and Wales.

Under the terms of this contract, we provided transcripts to over 3,000 clients, establishing a reputation for quality and accuracy and building longstanding relationships with the courts and our clients.

We currently transcribe non-UK court hearings and inquests and tribunals for a wide range of clients. We offer a fast, accurate and competitively priced service.

Transcription Rates

We normally charge by the folio (72 words) and rates vary depending on type of transcript and turnaround times required.

Discounts may be available for volume work.

Please contact us for a quote.

Additional Court Transcription Information

Our standard turnaround time for completing transcripts is 5-10 working days from receipt of recordings.

An expedited service is also available (for a 20% premium) whereby transcripts can be completed within 48 hours of receipt of tapes.

Clients may, if they wish, follow the progress of any orders by logging onto our secure online system.

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