Q&A: Apple Transcription director Dorothy Roberts on all things ISO

High standards of quality and data security underpin every aspect of Apple Transcription’s service.

This is why we have retained critical accreditations for over a decade, which are prime examples of our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ data and providing a service of the highest quality.

To achieve accreditation with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), you must prove compliance with a complex set of meticulous requirements.

We currently hold ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 27001 Data Security, as well as the UK government-backed Cyber Essentials.

But why are they important?  Dorothy Roberts, one of our directors, explains how they help ensure we can deliver high-quality transcriptions with a human touch, while providing 99.8% accuracy.


What do these standards mean?

“We are externally assessed every year under the auspices of the National Accreditation Body for the United Kingdom (UKAS) to ensure that we are complying with ISO requirements.  

ISO 9001 requires a strong focus on maintaining quality standards regarding customer service, business management and continual improvement.

The focus of ISO 27001 is on data security and ensuring that we apply and constantly update our security procedures and safeguarding systems.

This is why we have invested heavily in our secure cloud-based system and carry out regular security risk assessments to ensure that we are adhering to our commitments to look after the data that our clients entrust to us.”


What is the purpose of being Cyber Essentials accredited?

“The Cyber Essentials scheme is integral to us winning work in the public sector as it proves that we take online security very seriously and do everything we can to safeguard all data.

From protected internet connections, devices, and software, through to important system updates, we consistently check that we are meeting all the necessary criteria.

Cyber Essentials accreditation demonstrates to our clients that they can trust our business and that we work in their best interests.”


What does it mean for Apple Transcription to have these standards?

“We take huge pride in providing accurate transcripts that are of evidential quality.  ISOs are so much more than a badge that you might see on a website; they dictate how we run our business so that we can meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

This is reflected across the rest of our team, as they know why the accreditations are so important and how they give vital peace of mind to our clients.”


What do the accreditations mean for clients?

“We handle a wide range of sensitive documents and so it is always a priority for us to be stringent with our processes and how we look after client data.

Our ISO and Cyber Essentials accreditations provide our clients with the vital reassurance that they need when it comes to data security and the quality of our work.

By adopting the ISO management system – Plan, Do, Check, Act – we understand exactly what we need to put in place within the business so that we can provide fast, accurate transcripts, delivered within exacting deadlines by a friendly and reliable team.

Whatever your requirements, we will always aim to exceed your expectations.”


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