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What is Transcription?

What is Transcription? Transcription is the art of faithfully converting live conversations, audio recordings and videos into written form. Transcription services provide a full and accurate written record that can be easily referred to as and when needed. Who needs transcription services? Transcription is needed for a wide range of services, across many different sectors. [...]

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Verbatim vs non-verbatim transcription

Verbatim vs non-verbatim transcription What is verbatim transcription? ‘Verbatim’ simply means “word for word”.  In the transcription industry we use different types or levels of verbatim transcription to balance the need for absolute word-for-word accuracy against the need for a readable, meaningful document. The type of verbatim transcription you require will depend entirely on how [...]

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Human transcription vs speech recognition: which is the best route for your business?

Having provided transcription services to small businesses for more than 12 years, we’ve occasionally been asked the question ‘Which is best, human transcription or speech recognition?’ Here we’ll explore the subject a little deeper in light of claims made by some organisations offering speech recognition software.

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What makes a good transcriber?

This is a question we are frequently asked by would-be transcribers, keen to reap the many benefits of working from home. We receive hundreds of applications from both experienced and aspiring transcribers in the course of our work but only a few of these go on to become a part of our regular transcription team. [...]

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Christmas Opening Times

Apple Transcription will continue to provide a full transcription service over the festive period. Our office opening hours are: Friday 22 December:                       9.00 to 17.30 hrs Monday 25 December:                   Closed Tuesday 26 December:          [...]

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Outsourcing your Transcription – banish those staffing headaches

What would you do if your audio-typists were all hit by the winter flu bug… or if they all decided to down tools and jet off to the summer sun simultaneously? Why not let Apple Transcription resolve the problem for you?  Outsourcing transcription to Apple gives you the flexibility to cope with peaks and troughs [...]

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Accuracy Matters when talking Transcription

Transcription has been around for decades, from the very early days of Dictaphones, analogue tapes and manual typewriters to the present day where sophisticated digital recording equipment, word processing packages and transcription software are the norm. Reel-to-reel and magnetic tape have now been consigned to the history books along with the golf ball typewriter, handy [...]

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Happy Birthday to Apple Transcription – 10 years old

Here at Apple Transcription we’re celebrating a landmark birthday – in April 2016 we reached double figures! It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years – they’ve flown by – we have a few more wrinkles and grey hairs to show for it but also a real sense of pride in what we’ve achieved. [...]

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